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Meet Mr. Donavan!

Meet Mr. Donavan!

Meet Mr. Donavan!



Donavan Davis was the first African American President of the Radio and Television Club.  Donavan was working towards his major in radio/television in communications at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.  Donavan Davis’ career “took the road less traveled.”  Working for a mom and pop gymnastics center early in his career, Donavan Davis aka Mr. Donavan, was teaching competitive gymnastics, competitive cheer, and taught ballet.

The mobile concept was an innovative revelation for Mr. Donavan.  Mr. Donavan’s approach is no different than Maria Montessori’s, “an approach that values the human spirit, and the development of the whole child –physical, social, emotional, cognitive.”

One of his teaching methods, Mr. Donavan, takes a pool noodle and shows a child how to throw the pool noodle like a football.  Mr. Donavan understands the slow incorporation of the football versus the pool noodle allows the child to not be afraid of this long soft friendly pool noodle as opposed to a hard-brown missile traveling at a spiraling speed to be side stepped and miss catching the ball out of fear of being hurt.  Missing the catch causes the child’s ego to ache a bit experiencing failure.

Donavan Davis was that nerdy kid in school that all the kids made fun of.  The kid that was never chosen to be on a team sport.  The last kid to be picked for his strength.  Donavan received ongoing hazing while attending Navarro College that he never returned to complete his degree. Having been that kid, Donavan’s empathy for the children he works with motivates him to make that child successful on the child’s level, not compared to what everyone else can do for that age or that height.

The child needing an extra push to realizing their own awesomeness Mr. Donavan will help your child achieve his/her potential.  Mr. Donavan has many success stories of children of all ages and sizes.  Please visit our testimonies page for some testimonies 

Hello! My name is George Montgomery aka support@mrdonavan.com!

Meet support!

Meet Mr. Donavan!

Meet Mr. Donavan!

Hello! I’m George Montgomery, aka support, so keep in mind when you are emailing that they don’t go directly to Mr. Donavan but to us, “support”. Let’s see…. The back story on how I got started is really a story. I’ve been connected with Mr. Donavan since he started the business, introducing electronics into aiding in allowing Mr. Donavan to become Mr. Donavan and help point the business into the digital age.

Over the years, more than a friendship developed. I got more of an understanding for the business, and what it's mission was all about, and as a married father of 2 boys myself, I wanted to be connected even more. Behind the scene is where I'm mostly can be found, responding to emails or updating all the info stored on our website, creative designs for the website, newsletter publications, as well as being involved with working on our charity, which is, by the way, Mr. Donavan's Charities.

From time to time I enjoy attending the outdoor carnivals and the 1 hr. Activities & the remote locations like Denver, Co, that Mr. Donavan has been able to attend and to lend a hand to keep the fun going! To all our parents that I have been responding to I'd like to say that over the years it's been a joy taking care of your requests that we receive throughout the day.

Our aim is to please here at Mr. Donavan, and always, always remember, our saying we have here at Mr. Donavan, 

“You’re Awesome!”

Thank you,

George Montgomery