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Susan, Dallas,TX

"To the "Child Whisperer" who made a safe place for my children who was bullied and called names by several kids in his class. You can tell by his bright and happy face you made a world of difference to him. Thank you and God does bless you!"

Kathleen, Dallas,TX

"Way Cool Mr. Donavan! There is nothing more gratifying than helping a child find their voice, to watch them succeed and to know you were blessed enough to be a part of the journey, Proud of you!"

Mark, Dallas,TX

"The Teachings given by Mr Donavan helped to enable my son to preform better and we are forever greatful!"

Michelle, Dallas,TX

"Mr Donavan, you were created finely, crafted beautifully, and enhanced with an appointed anointed gift directly by GOD for HIS children. Blessed are you to be gifted to bless children!"

george, LITTLE ELM, TX

"Mr Donavan has something for everyone! Children of all ages can benefit from his teachings!"

Deanna, TX

"Mr. Donavan, you know how we feel about you. Simply the best!!! We love you!"

Brittany, dallas,tx

"My daughter loved it!"

Michelle, dallas,tx

"We love and appreciate all that you do! I know i speak for so many when i say thank you for following your passion & making such a commitment to our children. The work that you do deserves the utmost respect, and I feel so lucky to have found you. My son and I are both better off for knowing you! Thank you for all that you are and that you do, we love you!"